Wednesday, 7 September 2011

Harlyn Bay

While William and I were enjoying our summer holiday with my younger daughter in Devon my older daughter and her family were in Cornwall enjoying their summer holiday.  So it was only natural that we would drive the couple of hours or so over there and spend the day in Cornwall with Victoria and her men.


Happily the day we chose was sunny, bright and beautiful.


We spent the day on the beach.  Gary and the boys all have body boards and Harlyn Bay is superb for this kind of fun.  Those waves might not be Bondi Beach big but believe me they were big, big enough to knock yours truly off my feet.  Yes, I got in there and had a go at body boarding!  It was exhilarating and I was quite proud of myself but I won't be buying my own body board anytime soon!


Nicholas gives his daddy a hug while they wait for the next big one to roll in.


George would stay in the water all day if he was allowed.


Nicholas too. 


Here's granddad watching Nicholas jump into the water.  Granddad was on pins though because Nicholas can't swim yet, he's only four, and that inlet of water was quite deep in places.


I can see why these little boys love Cornwall and going to stay in Aunty Sylvia's cottage - it's a veritable paradise, that's why!



Victoria said...

Lovely pictures from a lovely day. xxx

Kathleen said...
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Anonymous said...

I'm famous I really am