Wednesday, 14 September 2011

Blustery Weather

I love blustery weather and that's exactly what it was yesterday.  I like that word, blustery, don't you?


The wind was blowing so hard yesterday as Victoria and I walked round the lake that in parts when the wind was against us I could hardly push the buggy forward at all!  Victoria carried Max some of the way.  He weighs very little and she was scared he was going to get blown away.  Believe me, in that wind it was definitely a possibility.


At one stage Charlie got out of the buggy to have a little run around.  Max, (Victoria's baby Yorkie who is approximately 5 months old now), jumped right up in there practically before Charlie's feet had hit the ground!


Charlie played for a little while in the park and then it was back to facing that wind again. 

Exhilarating, that's what our walk was yesterday and we all three loved it.


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T's Daily Treasures said...

Exhilarating would not describe our weather. Hot, hot, hot says it best. At 8:40 pm, it is still 100 degrees out there. :/ Looks like you had a nice walk. Have a great rest of the week. :) Tammy