Sunday, 11 September 2011

Standedge Visitor Centre

Britain is expecting gale force winds this weekend courtesy of ex-Hurricane Katia but while we wait for them to hit we're having the calm before the storm kind of weather.  Fortunately for me I love this kind of weather. Yesterday it was windy at times but at other times it was very calm and warm.  In fact for me it was perfect weather to be out in. 

Happily, Caroline and I had an outing planned and at about 10 a.m. we headed off through spectacular countryside...


...over the moors to Huddersfield.  In particular to the Huddersfield Christian Fellowship.   Caroline had found this little gem of a place on the internet and it fitted the bill perfectly.  This church is not only a place of worship.  Included in the complex is a bookshop , which is what I was interested in, a children's play area and a coffee shop - in fact something for each of us.   We spent a good couple of hours here and after enjoying a snack in the cafe fresh air was needed to complete the day.


That's where Standedge Visitor Centre came in.  Another suggestion of Caroline's.  It's a place she knew about but had never been to.  All about the canal and Standedge Tunnel - the highest, longest and deepest canal tunnel in the UK.  You can just see the tunnel underneath the bunting in this picture.  It travels for 3.25 miles through the hill above it.


I like how Caroline has got a firm grip of Charlie's shoulders in this picture.  No way is she going to let him fall into that canal!


They didn't look it but I'll bet this father and son duo were as happy as Larry in their patient sitting and waiting for the fish to bite.


A beautiful setting located in Marsden, Yorkshire amidst lush green fields and hills, I thought Standedge a beautiful haven of peace and quiet.  I'm planning on a return visit en famille.  Perhaps in a few weeks time when the leaves are turning we'll pack a picnic, get out the walking boots and have a good old tromp around Marsden Moor Heritage Trail.  Sounds good to me!

Well done, Caroline,  two outings in one and both wonderful in different ways.


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Debbie said...

Only in blog land would I be able to visit so many wonderful places. This is beautiful! I love the stone work.