Saturday, 13 November 2010

Today in Tod Park.

The weather wasn’t too bad today.  The gale force winds and torrential rain that have been battering the British Isles this week have gone, thank goodness.    It was coldish though, about 43F.

Todmorden Park 

You can see how much rain we’ve had when you look at the picture above.  That’s a football pitch in the park where all the water is!


The weather doesn’t bother us too much.  As long it’s fine we usually go out somewhere.  Today it was Todmorden Park.   Victoria had taken a little picnic for the boys and I brought along a flask of piping-hot coffee.  We chatted and the boys played. 

The contraption with the tyres you see the boys sitting on is a lot of fun.  It goes round and round in quite a wide circle and up and down if you want it to.  So much fun in fact that Victoria and I had a go on it!  George gave us a push. He thought it was hilarious when I screamed “not too fast, George!”  I’m telling you, that thing can go really fast.  We didn’t last too long, we both got dizzy on it!  It was fun though.

Todmorden Park

I don’t think the ice-cream man was having any fun.  It wasn’t an ice-cream kind of a day today.

After the play area we took a walk around the park.  The boys had their scooters with them.  Then it was back to our house for afternoon tea and biscuits.  At George’s request we used my best Chinese cups.  He means my china tea cups.  I see where he’s coming from though.

Just so that I’ll remember this.  George gave me a quick history lesson in the car this afternoon.  He told me about Henry VIII and the Tudors.  He rhymed off the names of all Henry’s six wives.  I couldn’t have done that. I’ve just checked on Google and he was right. He’s only seven and a bit!  That child has an excellent memory.




Victoria said...

It was a good afternoon I'm glad you remembered your camera! xxx

Victoria said...

p.s. The nice ice-cream man gave us change for the loo. xxx