Monday, 22 November 2010

That photo of William…

…I posted the day before yesterday.


Well here it is again.  This time it’s the true version.  I had played about in Photoshop with the previous one and removed William’s moustache.  My two daughters didn’t notice.  Well Victoria didn’t, I’m not sure if Caroline has seen it yet, but what’s more surprising is I showed it to William himself and he didn’t even notice the moustache had gone.  I ask you! 

It was fun to do though.  In all the years I have known William I have never seen him without his moustache.  Once upon a time it used to be dark brown but now it’s turned mostly white and isn’t thick as it used to be. He refuses to shave it off, despite every one of us at some time or other suggesting he should. 

Although now I’ve seen him without it I think maybe he should keep it!




John said...

He's a handsome devil with or without his tash. LS xxx

Caroline said...

He looks like Grandad Jimmy round the mouth without the tash!! x