Friday, 5 November 2010

Dutch Doll Quilt.

I absolutely love quilts but I’ve never ever made one.  It was my fascination with quilts that got me into reading blogs.  There are so many wonderful quilting blogs out there.  Bloggers who show off their work, “take you with them” when they go quilt shopping (I’d love a trip round some of those quilt shops) and then also to all those wonderful quilt shows and festivals.

Today, Dayle, is having a quilt story link up and I’m joining the party.  One thing is for certain, I’ll definitely be reading all the quilt stories tonight.  Right after our Bonfire party, that is! I’ll bet I’m the only one there with just one quilt to show off though!

And this is it, my one and only authentic, handmade quilt and I love it.  It was given to me in 1975 when my first daughter, Victoria, was born.

DSC_7069 copy

My sister, Maureen, married herself an American GI. Well actually he was in the Air Force but you know what I mean.  They live in Arkansas where Jerry was born and brought up.

It was Jerry’s granny who gave the quilt to me.  She had never met me but because she loved Maureen and because she knew I was having a baby she made the quilt for me.  It was totally handmade by her.  I was lucky enough to meet her when I visited Maureen and Jerry many years ago.  Granny was a lovely, gentle, softly spoken, country lady.  She made many quilts, not just mine.  Maureen told me that granny would have known where every scrap of fabric was left over from.

When my girls were little we called it the Sick Quilt because it was used whenever they were poorly and would lie on the couch with it over them. 


Even now it is in constant use.  My little grandsons use it all the time as you can see.  Even Muffin loves it and jumps on it the minute it is taken out of the footstool in the living room where it is kept.

If I had lived in the USA I think I probably would have been a quilter.  There was a time when I did quite a bit of sewing.  It was when my girls were little.  Caroline got into sewing too as she grew up and we’d say that we’d make a patchwork quilt one day with all the leftover scraps but we never have.  But do you know what?  There’s time yet!



Janette@Janette's Sage said...

Oh I love this...I need to make one for future is just precious!

Kay K said...

I love the little dutch girl and boys and your little kids ...

Joy said...

What an adorable quilt, and I love your photos with the children using it! ♥

Dayle said...

That is one precious quilt! And I love your story, and especially knowing it is being used today. Loved the idea of having a "sick quilt." What a sweet tradition.

I also love your attitude ... there's time yet! Indeed, there is.

So glad you linked up today. It's always a pleasure seeing you.

Carol said...

I got into quilting five years ago after saying "someday" for at least ten years. There is time for you yet.

I love that quilt and its story. So many quilters are so generous just like your sister's in-law. And I love the photo of your grandchildren playing on it. My first quilt was for my first granddaughter.

Victoria said...

What a lovely post. Have you any pictures of me with the quilt as a baby? I don't think you have, have you? xxx

Sewn With Grace said...

Hi Kathleen! So glad you stopped by. I LOVE your quilt and the story that goes with it. And yes, there is still time for you to make a quilt, go for it!

di said...

What a wonderful gift this quilt is! I think it's so neat that it's still getting lots of use and love. I think that's one of the things that makes quilts so special. And, yes, there is always still time to start quilting! I just started a couple of months ago and I have loved every minute of it. I hope you give it a try! :-) I found your site through the Airing of the Quilts link party and I'm so glad that I visited you!

A Gardner's Cottage said...

What a sweet quilt! I love how it has been a constant in your kids lives and even your grandkids. A quilt is such a comfort! I came by your blog through the quilt party.
Have a blessed week end.


Anonymous said...

This quilt is absolutely darling! I love the tradition of it becoming the "sick quilt" -- there is nothing more comforting than snuggling on the couch under a warm quilt, in close sight of mommy, when you're not feeling well. Even as an adult, I tend to reach for one of my quilts, or my Grammy's crocheted afghans, when I'm sick.

mandy said...

Such a sweet story, almost made me cry!! Im going to go home and get my dutch doll quilt out, mine is a bigger one though. I had daddy come read it and he said Granny would have been proud! Your right I remeber Granny and mommaw telling us where all the scraps of fabric came from. I remember picking out the pieces from my dresses!! Maybe one day I will do something like this to hand down to my grandkids and so on!
So glad you shared with us!

Victoria said...

Mother you had better get making three quilts - one for each of your little treasures. A family heirloom for them. xx