Sunday, 14 November 2010

Holden Wood Antiques

Holden Wood Antiques over in Haslingden is housed in this beautiful former church. 


We have been here once or twice over the years but not for some time.  However, our lovely friends and neighbours, John and Lesley, mentioned it recently so today we toddled over there for a bit of a mooch through all the treasures on offer.


There’s a lot of my kind of stuff in this place.  China, glass, jewellery, old prints and mirrors, that kind of good stuff.  It’s not so much William’s cup of tea but he played along and didn’t rush me too much. 


He had a full stomach maybe that was why.  We had eaten in the conservatory tea room, a new addition since we were last there, and very nice it was too.  This was our view.  I think this area has been quite wealthy over the years.  Look at all those impressive headstones.  Now they don’t come cheap and never have.  It was an immaculately kept graveyard too.  I would have loved a walk around it.  William?  Not so much.  Maybe next time.


I lingered in this little corner for a while.  There was allsorts of stuff jumbled together.  It was the brass candlesticks that took my eye.  My mother had a pair, they were always on the mantelpiece.  She would get out the Duraglit and polish them regularly along with all her other brasses.  My sister, Maureen, who lives in America now has them and they look right at home sitting on her mantelpiece.


Moving on I spied the little bookshelf in this corner.  The books on it were all leather bound.  The spines were all faded but the back and front covers were still deep shades of purple and burgundy. Soft and supple to the touch.  There were titles by Thomas Hardy, Walter Scott, Andre Dumas.  I must have handled every one of them and then put every one of them back.  I wish I had bought a couple, they were only £2.50 each.  Maybe next time.

I didn’t come away empty handed though.  I purchased a pretty Carnival Glass dish with fluted edges. I haven’t taken a picture of it yet.  Maybe I’ll pop back tomorrow and insert it right here.

It was a good day today.




Dayle said...

Oh my. I could spend days in a place like that. Just beautiful!

John said...

Glad you found it and enjoyed the food in the 'Conservatory' - did you then find the reservoir and walk all the food off!! LS xx