Sunday, 7 November 2010


Like I said this morning, today was a perfect day for a walk.  I rang Victoria just after I posted that to see what they were doing and as it happens she had already made a picnic but wasn’t sure where they were going.  Happily she and her crew came along  with us and Barley in Lancashire is where we ended up. 

Rising up above Barley is Pendle Hill and that was our ultimate destination.   More of that tomorrow.

VicFamilyBarley copy

Here are a few pictures of Victoria and her little family from today.  I’ll be back tomorrow with more pictures.

TTFN until then,


This template is a Coffee Shop freebie.  If you’ve never been to this coffee shop you’re in for a surprise.  It’s full of photography goodies.


Victoria said...

We look good don't we? I like the one of Nicholas peeping out from behind my legs.
Thanks for remembering your camera!

Victoria said...
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mandy said...

These pictures are wonderful!!! Victoria looks great, I am so jealous!! Wish I was that photogenic! Also wish my mother could take such good pictures, she cuts our heads off!!!