Monday, 8 November 2010

Barley cont’d

So here I am with more pictures from our walk up Pendle Hill yesterday.

Pendle Hill copy

I don’t want to mislead anyone.  We did not walk all the way up Pendle Hill.  You can see it here in the bottom picture.  That is one big hill and Nicholas for one wouldn’t have made it and quite likely Muffin would have conked out before he got to the top!  One of these days though I am going to get to the top of that hill and admire the view, it must be spectacular from up there.

When we got to Barley yesterday which is less than an hour’s drive from our front door, and after a drive through the most beautiful English countryside and seeing some of the quaintest cottages imaginable, we had our picnic. Yep, we finally had ourselves a picnic in the cold autumn air.  You might note that we are not sat down at the picnic table (top left). Those tables look like wood but in fact they are metal, too cold to sit on in November!  We then set off for our walk.  Not too far along we had a pit stop, a drink of hot chocolate was on the menu.  Then more trudging up the hill.

I think I’d better point out here that the bag with the pink swirls on that you see William carrying in a lot of my pictures is not his!  It’s my camera bag and he always carries it for me.  Isn’t he a good boy?


By this time the blue skies were disappearing but it didn’t matter.  We were out in the country, in the fresh air, and we weren’t getting wet.  Mmmm, heaven.

Pendle Hill 2 copy

I really like that bottom picture of George and his grandad, (who is now carrying George’s bag as well as mine).   They’re both looking back down the hill, leaning on a gate.  Nothing special, I suppose, but I just like it.


Why a picture of a telephone box, you might ask.  Well, this telephone box in Barley is the cleanest telephone kiosk I have ever seen.  Look, you can actually see through the glass and I thought that was just amazing!  I’ll bet someone in that village takes it upon him or herself to keep that kiosk in a good, clean condition and I think that is worthy of note.  I wonder why though when everybody has a mobile phone today.  Pride, that’s what it is.  Pride in their environment.  I, for one, admire it.

I can’t close without mentioning the Pendle Witches.  Pendle Hill is famous for it’s witches. Ten of them to be exact who were executed by hanging in 1612.  To find out more click here.



Victoria said...

I like the gate picture and the one of Nicholas carrying your huge rucksack. Nicholas also couldn't wait to show Mrs Birch the photos you put in his nursery book so thank you. xxx

Anita Johnson said...

Oh do you live in a beautiful place! Your photos are stunning. Wish I could take a walk with you there, but for now, I'll enjoy your posts and tag along visually!