Thursday, 25 November 2010

It’s gotten awful cold round here.

We’ve got snow headed our way.  Parts of Scotland and north Yorkshire have already got it. The earliest snowfall for 17 years. 

I needed to run an errand this afternoon.  I wasn’t going far, just to the local shops.  I also needed the fresh air, so I wrapped up warm, grabbed my camera and went.


I stepped out of the car at the canal.  Every bird there made a beeline for me.  See up there on the water at the top of the picture, that’s ice!


This cheeky goose jumped out of the water and got up very close and personal. He must have been 8” away from my face.  He and his mates were expecting food.  They were disappointed though, I’m afraid I don’t feed the ducks and their friends.  I don’t like the mess they make all over the towpath.


So they didn’t hang around me too long.  Just turned their backs and toddled off.



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