Tuesday, 5 January 2010

Widespread disruption ...

...that's what they call it.  The workers in this family all set off this morning and got to work... eventually.  William set off at 6.00am and got there at 8.40am, Victoria's journey took 1hr 30 mins and Caroline was on the road for 1hr 45 mins.  Each of those  journeys should have taken no more than 30 minutes on a normal day.   What made it worse for William and Victoria was being told to go home minutes after getting there!  Caroline's day was a short one too and she was allowed to come home earlier than usual.  It made sense because this is what the roads look like around here once you get off the main roads.

I took these pics from my livingroom window.  Our neighbours were out shovelling away the snow for the umpteenth time again this afternoon.  In the top picture you can see how they have kindly made a path on the drive for us.  My car is still covered in snow although Billy has shifted the white stuff off that several times. The problem is at the top of the hill where it's flat, the road looks like the gardens do here.  Few people have been out shovelling up there.  So far the gritters have been round regularly, heaven help us when they run out of grit which is supposed to happen soon! It still looks pretty though, eh?

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