Saturday, 30 January 2010

I hit the…

…Traffford Centre with Caroline, Trev and Charlie yesterday.  It was an unexpected trip but Caroline asked me if I wanted to go with them and so I did.  We started our day off in Krispy Kreme.  Once again it was Caroline’s idea and I readily agreed to it :-).   I don’t know though if it was a good idea or a bad idea.  You see we’re all supposed to be on diets of one description or another.  Coffee and a donut though, they do go together well!DSC_2083
Anyway onto the shopping.  I’ve been wanting a storm lantern or something like that to go on my dining table for quite some time now.  I didn’t find one but I did find this fancy glass jar in Laura Ashley. Actually I think it's an apothecary jar.  Only problem is it looks silly on my dining table.  However, I love it in the bathroom filled with shells and a candle.  At Christmas I’ll probably fill it with colourful baubles.  I love it but I still need something for the centre of my dining table!
Today has been absolutely beautiful weather.  Blue skies, crisp ,dry and very cold.  DSC_2043 We all went to the park this morning, it’s good to be getting fresh air again.DSC_2046DSC_2048
Later this afternoon George and I took the dogs for a walk.  DSC_2057
I’ve been looking after Nookie, a little Yorkshire Terrier like our dog, for the last 4/5 weeks.  He lives next door to us, his owners went to New Zealand to visit their family out there.  They’ll be back tomorrow morning.  Boy are they in for a shock when they get back to Manchester, after sunny NZ they’re really going to feel this cold weather!  Welcome home J & L, it’ll be good to have you back.

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John said...

And what a good job you did of looking after Nookie - I don't think he missed us at all. Thanks ever so much. Enjoyed your other blogs by the way, it's good to see what you've been up to whilst we have been away.