Wednesday, 20 January 2010

It’s true...

…the winds of change are always blowing.  (I like that saying).  I used to see George William practically every day but I don’t any more.  He changed schools last summer so my house is no longer on the way home, his mother started college in September as a mature student (she’ll like that mature student bit… not).  I now look after his little brother and little cousin for some of the week.  Seems like we’re all a bit busier and things are a bit different these days for us all really. 

Anyway, I don’t see George every day any more so on Saturday I asked him if he would like to come out for the afternoon with me, just the two of us.  He said yes.  We went to Hebden Bridge for coffee and a mooch around. DSC_1925 copy He brought his camera with him.  It was his “top of the list” Christmas present and he loves it. 

It was still icy on the ground, very cold and started to rain so we weren’t able to go to the park or anything.  We did go to the supermarket on the way home though.  None of this sounds very exciting does it?  But do you know what, we had a lovely time!

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vickigooda said...

Can't believe how big my big boy is.
I don't mind the mature bit, I'm use to it now!! xxx