Thursday, 14 January 2010

It was just an ordinary day today.

I’ve had a cold, not been sleeping too well, the snow’s still with us.  You know, that kind of ordinary.  Then  I had a Royal Mail Special Delivery and things got less ordinary.  When the postman knocked at my door with a parcel in his hand my first thought was that Caroline had ordered something and had had it delivered to my home because there’s always a good chance that I will be in to receive the delivery.


Well, Caroline had ordered something but it was for me not her!  The lovely little box above was in an outer box marked FRAGILE.  I had no idea what could be inside, but was pleasantly surprised to find…


…these wonderful little cupcakes!  How pretty do they look?  What a sweet, unexpected, different kind of gift that brightened my day no end.  They taste good too!  Thank you, daughter.