Friday, 22 January 2010

I spend a lot…

…of time on the computer playing around with photographs  in the photo editing program Adobe Photoshop Elements.  I make scrapbook layouts, like this one of Charlie.  I print them out at home at 8”x 8” and thoroughly enjoy myself doing it.  There are tons of digital scrapbooking sites on the Net where you can look at galleries full of other people’s designs and find inspiration for your own.  These sites have shops in which you can buy the digital kits you’ll need.  There are also tons of freebies around.  My favourite site at the minute is copy
The layout above shows month by month pictures of Charlie in 2009. What a difference there is between the 8 month old baby in January and the 20 month old toddler in December.  That’s what scrapbooking is all about, saving the memories and getting them down on paper for posterity.  Also, when it’s his 18th birthday party won’t these pictures look good plastered all over the place for all his mates to see?  Especially the thumb-sucking ones!
And now for something completely different.  Here’s our new caravan all ready to be towed down to the site in Devon where it will live for the foreseeable future. DSC_1983 Trev and William are taking it down there tonight.  That’s Trev and Caroline’s 4x4. Therefore Trev will be doing the driving and Billy will be doing the sleeping, but never the less he’ll be there if he’s needed. Roll on Easter when we will all go down there and use it for the first time.  Can’t wait!
Credits: Sock Monkey Kit by L Grieveson and Spring Trees by K Pertiet at Designer Digitals, 2009 template by Laura  Kanady at

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vickigooda said...

Congratulations on finally getting the caravan.

I would like the same layout for my boys please, can't believe how fast time is going by and how fast the George, Nicholas and Charlie are growing up.