Wednesday, 2 October 2013

George’s Weekend at Bay View

All summer William and I have been promising George and Nicholas that we would take them to Bay View for a weekend.   Last weekend the timing was right and George finally found himself at Bay View with us.  Nicholas will have his turn in a fortnight’s time.


Fortunately the weather was superb and George and Charlie were able to have fun together in the fresh air.

DSC_0584.jpgb DSC_0588.jpgb

Saturday afternoon we walked down along the coastal path.


Saturday night there was a kid’s disco in the Bay View Bar.  Wasn’t only the kids who strutted their stuff.  Caroline and I worked up a sweat too.  And that boy, Charlie?  Well, he really got into it!  George and I had tons of fun “jiving” while grandad was able to watch the football on TV in the bar.


After all the dancing we took a cold drink outside.  Love the way Charlie is sitting with his legs crossed and arms folded.



Caroline and I watched the sunset while the boys played.


Sunday morning a stroll down to Archer’s Cafe.


It’s the done thing now to have breakfast at Archer’s Cafe. This weekend was no exception.


You can’t go wrong with a bacon sandwich.  George had an egg with his.


While William went with a Full English.


Caroline enjoys a latte.


Fun on the beach after breakfast.


A donkey ride for Charlie on the way back to Bay View.

DSC_0652_edited-1.jpgb DSC_0661.jpgb

Synchronised walking is always good for a giggle.


Charlie watching as George leaps toward him from stone to stone.


And gets out of the way just in time.


Then back again…


… and Charlie follows suit.


I don’t know what to say about this picture so I’ll just say nothing.  I kinda like it though.

So that was George’s weekend at Bay View.   I know he enjoyed it and I’m glad about that after him wanting to go with us for so long.  I know Charlie liked having him there.  Charlie had said to Caroline that he was going to treat George like his big brother for the weekend.  How sweet was that?

Well, the summer may be over but we can continue to use our holiday home on wheels for another month yet.  I’m looking forward to seeing the autumn colours in a corner of England with so many trees.

Until next time,



Anita Johnson said...

Great pictures and what a beautiful place. I would love to be there too!

straythreads said...

What a fun day!!and beautiful photos and memories.

Victoria said...

This is so lovely. I like all the photos but the one of you all walking together is especially sweet. xxx