Friday, 11 October 2013

Starting with last Saturday’s..

.. trip up the motorway to Bay View and a weekend with a mission or two planned.


Mission number one was a little shopping trip to The Quilted Sheep, a yarn and fabric lover’s Aladdin’s Cave, in Milnthorpe for me. 


Where I purchased this fabric with which I intend to make a patchwork Christmas table topper.  I am so excited about this project.  I’ve been wanting to make a patchwork something forever and I’m finally going to do it!


On the way back from Milnthorpe we called at Beetham Nurseries for lunch and a look around.


William and I love this place.


There’s always something that catches our attention.  We thought this caravan/office/playhouse/garden house/anything you want it to be was so very cute.  The price wasn’t very cute though.  I think it was something fantastic, but not in a good way, like £11,000.00! If that price is wrong I’ll come back and correct it but I don’t think it is.


Later on in the afternoon we wandered down the coast path for a walk and breath of fresh air.  This location gets more than its fair share of wind.  Just look at those trees.  Don’t they tell you just how windy it is up there!


Later on again  before settling in for the night and battening down the hatches we wandered down to the coast to feast our eyes on the sunset.   The panoramic view of the sunset is one of the things I love best about Bay View.


On Sunday mission number two was attacked.  The awning had to come down.  It’s that time of year and the summer season is fast drawing to a close.  We’ve got a couple more weekends to spend at Bay View but the awning had be dismantled before any winter gales blow this way and dismantle it for us.  Erecting and dismantling an awning is no caravanner’s favourite job but this time Billy and I managed it without hardly a  cross word exchanged between us.  I couldn’t believe it!


We found these unwelcome lodgers as the awning came down but we were very kind to them and found them new homes under the hedges.  I use the term “we” loosely.  I let William have the pleasure of that task.  Eeeyuuuck!


I’ve had a busy week this week and I think I’ve fathomed out where my midriff bulge is coming from.  I reckon indulgences like these just might have something to do with it!  On Tuesday Caroline and I went to the Trafford Centre and enjoyed not one but two pit stops.  We had a lovely time wandering the whole length of the mall chatting all the way. 

Yesterday Lesley and I went to Housing Units and enjoyed not one but two pit stops.  (See the pattern here?) We mooched our way through every inch of that store and I think I sat on every sofa, reclining chair, in fact think I sat on everything with four legs in the store!  It was fun wasn’t it, Lesley?

Then today I met my lovely friends Vanessa and Diane.  No cakes today, and in my defence I don’t have a cake with every coffee, but milky coffees all the time are not too good for anybody’s waistline.  I might have to cut them out and drink only tea from now on. 


And finally, I thought I’d finish with this image from Housing Units.  Heaven help us, Santa’ll be getting stuck down those chimney’s before we know it! 



Caroline said...

Lovely pics as always Mother. The pics of Bay View always look really good, even though I was only there two weeks ago it's easy to forget how lovely it is. The sunsets are fab, and the bitter shandy is too ;) xxx

Anita Johnson said...

This looks like so much fun!