Wednesday, 16 October 2013

Nicholas at Bay View

Last weekend Nicholas’s turn came around to spend the weekend at Bay View with us.  The weather was not so good as when George had been with us two weeks ago. It was summer weather then, this time around autumn was definitely in the air.


Walking down the coast path we saw the sheep taking their regular jaunt across the salt marshes.  We have never seen a farmer herding the sheep, they seem to do this trek of their own volition.  I know absolutely nothing about sheep habits but I’m beginning to find them fascinating after seeing this behaviour several times.  Presumably they’re moving from farm to grazing ground and back.


Nicholas and Charlie taking a look at the horses in the field on Sunday morning.  


Taking a closer look.


Nicholas was reluctant to leave the horses behind but we were on the way to breakfast at Archer’s so he didn’t linger too long.


Caroline and Charlie study the menu. 


Breakfast was good.  I think the chill in the air made the hot food and hot drinks taste even better than usual.  Look at those little boys faces!  Little monkeys!


Back at Bay View Caroline posed beneath a, would you believe it, still very much in bloom hanging basket.


Nicholas’s favourite thing of the weekend was the rustic play area on site.


They both loved it.


Nicholas is fearless on this kind of thing.  He’s straddling the parallel bars here.


Charlie is a few inches shorter than Nicholas and couldn’t heave himself up onto the bars.  He got a bit upset because he couldn’t do it.  Nicholas stepped in and with some effort…


…hoisted his cousin right up there.  Between them they did it.


I don’t know which of them was the happier -  Charlie for being up there or Nicholas for having got him up there!


Then a donkey ride back up the hill.


Charlie’s favourite thing of the weekend was his Mobigo.   I don’t know why exactly but I really like this picture.  It was also one of the last ones to be taken on Sunday afternoon.  Before we knew it it was time to hit the road and head for home.  I’m happy now though that both boys have been to Bay View and Charlie was able to have his cousins up there to play with.  No doubt we’ll do it again next year.

Moving the caravan from Devon to Bay View has turned out to be a success.  We could never have gone down to Devon for an overnight stay.  The distance was just too great.  But Bay View is far more accessible and therefore we have spent a lot more time in our little bolthole and we couldn’t be happier!



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Dayle Allen Shockley @ A Collection of Days said...

Your photos are wonderful! They capture such personality and warmth. I felt as if I were right there.

I used to host a blog party called Simple Pleasures. I find simple pleasures to be the best ones, don't you?