Tuesday, 24 September 2013

Recently In My World…


My six year old grandson, Nicholas, now plays for his local football team.  This is his first season and I think this was the third match they had played when Nicholas was awarded Man of the Match.  He’s holding his reward, a voucher for a Happy Meal.  MacDonald’s sponsor the team you see.  Well done, Nicholas!!


Wednesday afternoon I met up with my friend Sandra at the lake for coffee and a chat.  The weather was coolish but not too cool that we didn’t go for a walk along the lakeside.  Sandra spotted all the ripe blackberries as we sauntered along.  I think she must’ve been a girl guide once upon a time as she came prepared with bags in her handbag and collected a ton of the …


…juicy fruits.  Naturally I helped her, you wouldn’t believe how exciting it can be, blackberrying.  We had a wonderful time!


I’ve been busy on the sewing machine again and made a few cushion covers for Caroline.


Victoria and I have had a trip to Costco together recently and one of the things I bought was this magazine.  It’s a good read and the photography is excellent.  I think I like the pictures as much if not more than the articles.


Saturday afternoon Victoria rang, did I want to walk round the res with her and the dogs.  The weather forecast had been for a return to summer.  This is what the weather was like early afternoon, miserable to say the least.   Definitely not summery!


Fortunately it did get better as the day wore on and turned into quite a balmy evening.  Which was good as that evening we were all invited to my niece Bethany’s 18th birthday celebration.  It was a fun night and we all had a great time.  I didn’t take any pictures but I do have this family photo taken in June this year.  Bethany is on the left.  Happy 18th Beth!


Sunday the promised summery weather arrived.  Caroline, Charlie and I spent a couple of hours wandering through Ealees.  Stepping stones are always good fun.



So is trekking through the woods.


And after all that trekking through the forest an ice cream was definitely needed.


Onto yesterday now and almost up to date but first a little moan.  The local council is replacing all our old street lamps.  I like our old street lamps.  They give off a nice warm orange glow on a dark  night.  The new ones are a brittle bright white!  It’s like walking about in daylight!  To my mind that’s not the way it should be.  If it’s night-time then let it be dark with just a warm glow from the street lights to stop us stumbling around but not bright enough to read a book by!  I hope there was a very good reason to make this change.  I dread to think of the cost.  Ok, moan over with.  Normal service will now be resumed.


I took these pictures as I continued my walk around the neighbourhood with Muffin, our little dog.  The air was very still, very calm and peaceful.  Birdsong the only sound.  A lovely day to be outdoors.


The peace and tranquillity was affecting these fellas too.  Seemed like they were having a lie in.

 IMG_2658 Instagram

Caroline rang me at lunchtime to ask if I would like to join her and Trev at the little Greek restaurant in our little town where they were sipping a latte.  I joined them in less than fifteen minutes!  


And what a difference a day makes. Today it was blue skies and sunshine.  Yesterday’s calm was lovely but so was today’s sunshine!  William was with me this morning.  He’s a bit under the weather just now with one or two health issues but thankfully a walk in the sunshine helped lift his spirits.


The horses were all wide awake this morning.  This beauty was even smiling for the camera!


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