Monday, 21 October 2013

Flowers and Fall.

A couple of weeks ago William bought me these pretty flowers. 


He thought I might need cheering up a little.  For a little while there we thought we had to cancel a trip we had been planning and looking forward to.  However no less than a day or two later, yippee, the trip was back on again! 

Come March next year we will be jetting across the Atlantic to stay with my sister and her husband in Arkansas for three weeks!   We'’ll be taking a couple of trips with them while we’re there.  A 2 t/3 day trip north to Branson, Missouri and then a longer trip south to Rosemary Beach, Florida coming back home to Arkansas via New Orleans!!  Now that sounds like one heck of a fabulous holiday to me.  And not only that we get to my see my sister’s family too.  The last time we visited was in 2007.  On that visit we took a road trip to Colorado which was absolutely fantastic and I know this trip will be every bit as good.


And this is one of the places we are going to stay.  Big Cedar Lodge in Missouri.  I can’t tell you  how excited I am about staying here.  I have been and seen this wonderful place once, but it was only a fleeting visit and we said then that one day we’d love to come back and stay there.  Lo and behold that day is coming in March 2014!


My sister Maureen sent me these pics of Big Cedar via her iPhone this afternoon.  She and her husband Jerry are up there on a visit to Branson.


Maureen sent the photos to whet my appetite.  And that they’ve certainly done.  It’s going to be a wonderful trip – country, coast and a bit of Cajun too!  I can’t wait!


This is Charlie, my little grandson.  He jetted across the pond on Saturday.  He’s on a two week holiday to Disney World, Florida with his mummy and daddy. I know they’re having a great time.  FaceTime has made it possible for me to see and talk to them, see the villa they’re staying in and almost feel as if I’m there with them!   I love all this modern technology!!

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Anita Johnson said...

How very fun! That area of the US is beautiful!