Friday, 4 October 2013

A MacMillan Coffee Morning and a Tea Party

Not that it matters but this post should really have found its way here before the previous post.  Anyway…


Most Wednesdays now the boys come to stay with me for an hour after school while their mum attends night school.


Last Wednesday I decided to put together a little tea party for them.  I made little buns and set the china out.  It was all very spur of the moment but the boys were thrilled to bits when they walked in and saw everything.  All three llittle boys love these little tea parties.


Nicholas played at looking at the camera for me!  Strange I know, but true!  This is a confused face.



And this is George’s purposely-keeping-his-mouth-closed face.  I think they were humouring me because I’d made the cakes!


The sun was shining last week, this week not so much but last week it was plentiful.  Anyway, I took my lunch, a colourful one, outside one day.  That pretty mug is new, I bought it with birthday money from Caroline.  It’s enamel so it won’t smash if I drop it which is good and also I really, really like it.


Thursday of last week I attended a MacMillan Coffee Morning at my friend Vanessa’s home.  Everything was so pretty.


The idea is to raise money for The Macmillan Nurses charity and Vanessa and her husband Chris worked hard hosting the event.


See that beautiful black and white cake up there?  Vanessa has recently taken up the hobby of cake decorating and that cake was only her second attempt. Clever girl,eh?  I’m keen to see what she comes up with next.


A couple of goodies came home with me.  They were good too.  The morning had a lovely atmosphere with a nice mix of friendly people and I completely enjoyed myself.


Moving on to Thursday night now.  Charlie missed out on the after school tea party but he did come round for a little cake the night after with his mum.  Much later after Charlie had gone home and William came in from work he went into the living room.  This is what he found.  Charlie had been up to his little tricks again!  Bless his little cotton socks!




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