Friday, 28 June 2013

S’mores and Sparklers

I’m a bit late with these pictures.  They were actually taken last Saturday night and I only remembered about them today when I saw them in the camera as I was about to take some photos of Nicholas.  It actually rained during this little bit of fun.  But nobody headed for cover – it was just like water off a duck’s back!


George and Nicholas were sleeping over with us while their parents had a rare night out with friends.  Caroline and Charlie joined us.


Not the best time to take a photo when everybody has got a mouthful of food I know, but it was the only halfway decent photo with everybody in the frame so, for posterity, here it is.


Three sparklers left over from Bonfire Night last year finally got used.  The boys might not looked thrilled with them but they were!  And of course S’mores always go down well – with all of us, not just the boys.


Nicholas was here with me this morning.  He should have been in school but because of conjunctivitis in his right eye he couldn’t go.  Not that that was a problem for him.  An unexpected day off school is always a treat isn’t it?


In exchange for him using my binoculars he let me take a couple of photos.


Wasn’t that  nice of him?  I do like the pictures so it was a fair exchange.

All the excitement of American and Australian visitors is now in the past.  All of them are thankfully back home safe and sound.  William and I are off up to Bay View in the morning for a week’s holiday.  We’re hoping for a bit of sunshine but we’ll enjoy the break no matter what the weather throws at us.



Anonymous said...

And fun was had by all! We love smores also but don't make them often enough.Nicholas's pictures are so good. He seems to have grown already.
Love Maureen

Anita Johnson said...

Such a handsome guy...looks so much older to me! I haven't had a smore in years...time to buy the marshmallows again!