Monday, 3 June 2013

Arnside, Kirkby Lonsdale (again) and a Birthday Boy.

Time was at a premium last week and I didn’t get chance to post the second half of the Spring Bank Holiday weekend happenings.  However, for posterity and without further ado, here it is.

Sunday morning of the Spring Bank Holiday weekend. 


William and I started it off with a leisurely walk along the coast path…


…to Archer’s Cafe for breakfast.


William used to be an angler in his younger days and usually stops to chat to any fishermen he comes across on our travels.


It seems to be always windy down on the salt marshes, hence our jackets, but despite that it really was a lovely morning.

Later on in the day we had a ride through beautiful countryside to Arnside.


New to us, Arnside sits on the banks of the Kent Estuary.  Above is the 156 year old Kent Estuary viaduct.  I’d love to take a train ride over that.  Scenic railway would be a fitting description don’t you think?


We strolled up and down the footpath alongside the estuary in the afternoon sun.


There are some rather grand houses in Arnside and I spotted this entrance to one of them.  Never mind the house I’d just like the front door!


We drove home via Kirkby Lonsdale and after eating in The Bakery - the food every bit as delicious as last time - we made straight for that view.


Ruskin’s View.  All greened up now and basking in glorious sunshine.  And what a view!


Imagine this view everyday as you open the gate to your garden.  How super duper would that be?


Walking back through the church grounds and graveyard now.


I could live in this house.  It wouldn’t bother me one little bit that the graveyard was literally on my doorstep.


And without a doubt I could also live in this cute little cottage.

We had a lovely long weekend and now know for sure that we are going to love our holiday-home-on-wheels’ new destination.


Earlier in the week, Charlie, my youngest grandson, had his 5th birthday and celebrated with a party in a local craft studio.   Will somebody now please slow down the clock.  Time is passing too quickly!


Charlie wanted a police cake.  With parents both in the police force it was no surprise.  The cake, made by a friend of Caroline was so very cute and Charlie loved it.


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Anita Johnson said...

Such beauty! Visiting your blog makes me want to travel, my bucket list is growing! Time is going too fast with grandchildren. My little guy calls me by name did that happen! (o: