Sunday, 9 June 2013


This post is a little overdue.  My blogging seems to be a bit sloppy lately but I intend to do better and this post is going to help bring me up to date.

Immediately after the Spring Bank Holiday of the previous post Caroline, Charlie and I went right back up the motorway two days later on Thursday 30th May to Bay View for another sunshine filled long weekend break. 


On Friday Caroline suggested we ride up to Coniston for the afternoon.  It sounded good to me so that’s what we did.


In this weather anywhere near water is a magnet for most people so not surprisingly even though it was midweek there were quite a few people around enjoying the outdoors. Lots of sailng, canoeing and kayaking going on.


Charlie was having another lazy day and riding in the buggy.  Bless him.


He enjoyed a paddle too treading carefully over the stones.  I seem to remember Caroline also got her feet wet but we hadn’t brought a towel so my little tootsies stayed dry.  I don’t know why between the two of us we didn’t think to bring a towel!


I have to say that just like everywhere else in the Lake District National Park, Coniston is downright beautiful.

Once again after work on Friday William joined us and Caroline and Charlie packed up and returned home.  Caroline unfortunately was working on Saturday and Charlie was going to have a sleepover at his Auntie Vicki’s on Friday night.  Plus, Charlie is a little homebody and wanted to go home so he was happy.

I’ll be back tomorrow with Cartmel and Levens Hall.


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Debbie said...

You always vacation to the nicest places. I always wish there were more like that on this side of the ocean.