Wednesday, 12 June 2013

My American Sister and Australian Nephew

My American sister, as in married to an American and has become a US citizen herself, her husband and grandson arrived here in England a week ago today for a fortnight’s holiday.  Not only that my Australian nephew is here too.  He is also English born but emigrated to Australia with his family in the late 60s when he was about 14 years old and this is only his second visit home in all that time!   It’s so good to have them here.

Here’s a bit of what they/we’ve all been up to.


Friday a trip into Manchester was planned.  In brilliant sunshine we traipsed around the city centre taking in as many sights as we could fit into one afternoon.  Above is China Town.


Saturday William and I took the Americans up to Bay View.  My Australian nephew, Bernard, was visiting with his mother’s side of the family so didn’t join us on this trip.


Archer’s was a must go to for a walk and some good food.  By sheer coincidence William and Jerry had chosen the same colour tops to wear.  They were easy to spot together in a crowd.


Maureen and Jerry had seen photographs and heard glowing reports from me about Kirkby Lonsdale so it was only natural that we should show them the quaint market town for real.


Here they are taking in that view.


Ruskin’s View of course.  No less of a pleasure to behold no matter how many times we feast our eyes on it.


Walking back toward the town centre, admiring the view along the way.


Deciding to walk down to Devil’s Bridge from the town centre we asked the two ladies above for directions. Fortunately they were locals and happily obliged.  Maureen (on the right) got caught up in conversation with them.   It was a looong conversation.  But we weren’t in a rush and the weather was so lovely it just didn’t matter how long we waited really.

We spent a long, happy day together taking in the beauty of our English countryside and enjoying each other’s company.  And what’s more the sun shone all day so they saw it at its very best too!


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Dianne @ Sweet Journey Home said...

It's always fun to have company and what a wonderful place to visit! Loved the pics...