Wednesday, 19 June 2013

A Sunny Sunday by the Sea.

Sunday (16th) dawned damp and dull and a daytrip to Cleveleys had been planned.  The weather was no problem for us though.  Picnics were still made and with positive thoughts for a good day beside the sea three car loads of my family set off individually to meet up at 11 a.m. at the Anchorsholme end of Cleveleys beach.  There should’ve been four car loads but Victoria, Gary and the boys stayed home. Unfortunately Gary was on call from work and it being Father’s Day Victoria hadn’t wanted to leave him home alone.  Such a shame the timing was wrong for them, they missed a fun day out.

I had been very organised and checked the tide times.  I wanted us to be there for low tide making play on the beach a definite for the kids.  Planning ahead paid off and play on the beach was fun for all.


My Australian nephew, Bernard, watches Charlie play while my niece, Lindsey, her daughter Bethany and my daughter, Caroline, chat by the water’s edge.


DSC_9525.jpgb Maureen, Jerry, Bethany, William, Caroline, Amelia, Luke, Lindsey (just visible), Trev, Charlie, Jordan and Melissa.DSC_9527.jpgbTrev and Harley.DSC_9528.jpgb

Charlie was in his element surrounded by his big cousins, Jordan, Luke and Melissa.


Picnic in full flow.  I’d had visions of us sitting on blankets and chairs on the sand - that didn’t happen the sand was too wet.  The prom was the next best thing. 

DSC_9542.jpgbJerry, Maureen, Bethany and Charlie.

With picnic consumed fun on the beach resumed.


Charlie gets a donkey ride from his American cousin, Luke.  His cousins Amelia, Jordan and Melissa are in the background.  Jordan and Melissa did not have swimming cossies with them but they went in the water anyway.  I think they may have tried to stay dry??  Then again maybe not!  Needless to say they ended up wet through!

DSC_9551_edited-1.jpgbLuke, Maureen, Bethany, Jordan, Amelia, Melissa.

Luke, on the far left, rescued Jordan’s abandoned clothes before the incoming tide swallowed them. 



The two littlest cousins Amelia and Charlie played together on the sand.  Imaginary visions of kings and queens, castles and moats kept them happy.

DSC_9574_edited-1.jpgbLuke, Charlie and Bethany.  William and Maureen in the background.

The obligatory walk down the promenade with the promise of an ice cream at the far end of the walk.  Lindsey, Jordan’s mum, had to take a detour via the shops to buy Jordan and Melissa a pair of shorts each and also a t-shirt for Jordan for the journey home!  Otherwise they would’ve been miserable in their wet clobber.


And finally Trev gives Harley a shower before the walk back down the promenade and the outing drew to a close.

From the dull and damp start the day turned into a scorcher.  So much so that poor, fair skinned, Jordan got a touch of sunstroke and was unable to go to school the day after.  That aside I think it was a day to remember and a good time was had by all.

As I type this the American visitors are up in the clouds somewhere over the Atlantic, goodbyes having been said last night.  It’s amazing how quickly two weeks can go by isn’t it?  Memories have been made, good times have been had and now we look forward to the next time.



Dianne @ Sweet Journey Home said...

What a wonderful outing! Loved all the photos...playing on the beach in low tide looked wonderful. I especially like the little skirt with the pink & white top. I have a granddaughter who would love one just like that!


Anita Johnson said...

What wonderful pictures. It has been way to long since I strolled on a beach!