Friday, 12 July 2013

At Last…It’s Summer.

Well, finally summer has arrived and it’s been nothing but blue skies and sunshine all week and most of last week too!

DSC_9825.jpgBNicholas is on the left. With his tongue at risk of being bitten off!

Tuesday morning at 9.30 A.M., in brilliant sunshine, I met Victoria at the boy’s school to watch Nicholas take part in his Sports Day.  The heat was fierce but I don’t think the children noticed.  On the other hand, Victoria and I did!  We were definitely wilting before the morning was over.  I had taken my umbrella along not because I thought it was going to rain but because I knew it would come in handy as a sun parasol.  It did too.

DSC_9849_edited-1.jpgbGeorge is on the far right.

After a lunch break we were back again to watch George in his races and if anything the heat was stronger.  My umbrella came in handy again.  I was glad for George that the sun was shining.  The last two years Sports Day for the juniors didn’t happen due to rain.


A few iPhone pics taken over the last couple of days.  All with one common denominator.  Every one of them taken outdoors.  And there are the blue skies I mentioned too.

  • Screenshot of the temperatures we’re enjoying.
  • Hanging basket.  We have several all made by the man of the house.  He does a good job on them.
  • Blue sky with not a cloud in sight.
  • I’ve been sitting in the garden reading at every opportunity I get. That is definitely one of my Simple Pleasures.  I’m reading Downtown by Anne Rivers Siddons at the minute and loving it.
  • A walk through Ealees and a coffee outside the visitor centre cafe with John and Lesley.  Another Simple Pleasure.
  • A look at the lake before walking back.
  • Nicholas wearing my rings. He’s fascinated with them at the minute.
  • My new Hen & Chicks.  I’m hoping I have more luck with this one than the last one.
  • Muffin and Max enjoying a game of fetch!

Last week we were up at Bay View and of as yet I haven’t got round to blogging about it.  I don’t seem to have the inclination to sit at the computer and do the editing just now.  I will though, I have some happy memories to document.


And finally another iPhone weather app screenshot.  Seems this heatwave is set to last well into next week at least!  Hooray for summer!!


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