Wednesday, 29 May 2013

Spring Bank Holiday Weekend, Bay View and Silverdale

The Bank Holiday weekend got off to a fine start. Not.  I received a phone call from Bay View on Friday afternoon saying, once again, that because of high easterly winds there was damage to our awning.  Oh no!  The same thing had happened just a couple of weeks ago.  Caroline, Trev, Charlie and I were going up there on Friday evening anyway for the Bank Holiday Weekend with Billy joining us on Saturday afternoon after work.  Heading up the motorway heavy traffic and incidents made our journey take more than twice as long as it should’ve done.  Finally making it to Bay View we discovered a tear in the awning and a dint on the side of the van but a good neighbour had put the awning back up for us.  Apparently it had totally collapsed.  Trev set to and sorted it out and then when William arrived on Saturday there was more sorting and patching up and we’re now hoping it will last the season.  Next year we won’t put it up until June and just hope that will be better.

There was good news though.  Good weather was forecast and it materialised too!


Saturday morning we walked along the footpath to Archer’s Cafe for breakfast. We had pretty greenery and blue skies on one side...


.. and the estuary and blue skies on the other.  A flock of sheep was also out for a walk.


This was my first visit to Archer’s Cafe – Caroline and Trev had discovered it a week or so ago.  A working farm, campsite and cafe combined.  A lovely setting and so convenient to get to at just 1.3 miles from Bay View.  I know it’s exactly 1.3 miles because of “Strava”, a new iPhone App Caroline introduced me to.  It’s a great App.  It records the length and time taken of your walk (or run if you’re that way inclined) and even shows you a map of your route. I love it.


The weather was good so we naturally ate breakfast in the fresh air.  In colder weather it’ll be nice to eat inside the cafe with two woodburners sure to make things warm and cosy.


Charlie, now 5 years old, was having a lazy day.  He rode in the buggy both there and back!


Horses having a lie down.  Never seen this before.


Saturday afternoon William and I explored the area a little and took in Silverdale Caravan Park.  This is a sister site to Bay View.   William and I actually have holidayed here in the past.  The building behind him houses a lovely swimming pool, cafe, shop etc.


A pretty, immaculately kept site, the vans are set in and amongst woodland.  Regulations state all vans must be green in colour.


This is the view a lot of those vans have through the trees.   See William up there?  He’s holding his belly in for the picture.  We both have to do that a lot these days!


Saturday evening we all strolled through the site, stopping for a drink at the onsite bar/restaurant.  Charlie entertained us with star jumps.

So from a none too promising start the weekend shaped up pretty good!  More to come from this weekend but right now it’s bedtime for me.

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