Friday, 22 February 2013

A Beach Day cont’d..

I must’ve been feeling tired and plain old lazy on Tuesday night when I posted that single photo from our day at the beach.  I found fault with every photo I’d taken that day and didn’t think any were worth editing.  However, when Victoria asked me today where all the other pics were I decided to take another look at what I’d got.  For the fun day we’d had it did seem a bit feeble to post only one photo.  So after getting my finger out and getting stuck into PSE11 here are the photos I should’ve posted on Tuesday.


Our picnic overlooking the beach.  It was too cold on the posteria to sit down on the prom wall though. 


The boys small and …


.. large rode their bikes along the paved promenade.  Actually that’s George’s bike his daddy is riding.


Could be anybody down there I know but it’s actually Gary throwing the ball for Max and that’s Caroline, George and Harley down by the water’s edge.  (I should’ve cloned out that group of people huddled in the middle!).


Harley and Max.  Looks like Harley is doing some kind of dance move up there!


Charlie was tired out from scooting and walking up the front and needed a donkey ride from Uncle Gary.


Nothing like ice cream to revive weary little bodies.



Double cones – lucky boys!


Revived we walked back down the front to the car, stopping to play on and off the beach along the way.  Gary loaded the bikes on the rear carrier and we headed for home via a pit stop at a local McDonalds. 

As you can see the skies were blue, there was a slight haze over the sea and the sun shone.  We were all happy campers.  Here’s to the next time, maybe over the Easter holidays?  What do you think girls and boys?


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Dianne @ Sweet Journey Home said...

Loved the visit to the beach and all your wonderful photos! I enjoy your blog so much...