Sunday, 3 February 2013

Can it be?

Is it possible that we are already in February!  Yes, is the simple answer.  Have to say I’m quite happy to get January out of the way.  I noticed buds on my magnolia tree this afternoon.  Spring must be on its way.  How’s that for optimism?  I’m kidding myself though, I know full well more snow is forecast for Tuesday.


A few iPhone pics to document.

  • I love my BBC iPlayer app.  Yesterday afternoon whilst doing some ironing I listened happily to Book of the Week.  Charles Dickens – A Life.  I love to read but I also love to be read to and nobody does it better than the BBC.  My son in law, Gary, gave me a docking station as a gift last march.  At first I thought I’d never use it, but I do and I definitely wouldn’t like to be without it now.
  • I made a courgette cake yesterday afternoon and enjoyed a slice of it with a cup of tea after the ironing was done.  Used my best china too.  That would be the 24 piece tea set I bought at a car boot sale for £18 in Rousdon, Devon in summer 2011.
  • Victoria emailed me this little pic of Nicholas on Friday night.  He’s fast asleep tightly clutching his little Christmas Elf.  Very sweet!
  • Today, a grey-sky-miserable-dull-day, Billy and I decided on a ride out.  I grabbed a takeaway coffee en route to our destination.  Our destination being Bay View Holiday Park.  BVHP is in Bolton le Sands, a little town smack dab on the west coast of Lancashire and just an hour and fifteen minutes north from where we live.  As from March it’s going to be the new residing place of our holiday home on wheels.   It’ll be a big change from Devon but we’re sure it’ll be a good change.  One of the very good things about the change is that Bay View is only thirty minutes away from the spectacularly beautiful Lake District of England.
  • Deserted today but in the holiday season this bar/restaurant, in the centre of the park, will be bustling with holidaymakers.  We’re looking forward to using that facility!
  • Checking out the locality we found a popular eating place.  The local garden centre.  It was quite busy so we presumed the food must be good. No doubt we’ll verify that in the months to come.  For today it was just kaffee und kuchen.

Apart from dropping a boot on my foot (it hurt like you wouldn’t believe!) yesterday afternoon it’s been a lovely weekend.




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Anita Johnson said...

I wish it really were spring. We had a few warmer days, but it's very cold now. I should get into listening to books, I think I would love that...we used to listen to tapes in the car when we traveled. The picture of Nicholas reminds me of my kids when they were little.
You asked about the birds...they arrived here a few weeks ago in a huge flock (75?)and have stayed quite consistently in our yard. I took the shots on my blog from my car...I just sat at the end of my driveway and watched them fly from tree to evergreens. It was a made to order National Geographic Moment!