Saturday, 9 February 2013

A Wool Shop and Buckingham Palace.

Feeling the need to do some knitting I found my way yesterday to the friendliest wool shop on the planet.  The shop, Attica Yarns, is a pleasant ten minute drive away over the tops of Blackstone Edge.  I thought I was just going to be popping in and out but no, the owner is so friendly, happy to chat and dispense advice that this “popping in” lasted an hour and a half!  


A welcome cup of coffee was included in the visit. I felt right at home.  I came away with what I popped in for too – some sock yarn.  I can’t wait to start the needles clicking.


Now, then, onto Buckingham Palace.  While I was having a lovely time in a wool shop my sweet cousin, Sylvia, was having a lovely time at Buckingham Palace.  Yes, Buckingham Palace!

Sylvia’s husband, Andy, was awarded the Queen’s Police Medal for “distinguished service” in the Queen’s Birthday Honours List last June but it was only on Friday that he actually received the medal from The Queen at Buckingham Palace.  How special is that?  After the ceremony they celebrated with Afternoon Tea at The Ritz.  How special is that too?   All I can say is The Queen knows how to pick ‘em because  Andy well and truly deserves this honour! 

Sylvia and Andy are pictured above with their daughter, Katie. Their son, James, took the photo.  Katie’s twin sister, Laura, a serving officer in the Royal Navy was away at sea otherwise she would have been there too. 



Victoria said...

Well deserved and they all look lovely!

Anita Johnson said...

My mom and sister knit and crochet. I've tried and haven't gotten to the part where I enjoy it...I have a death grip on the needles. (o: I love looking at yarn with them...the colors and textures are beautiful. How fun to be at Buckingham Palace!