Sunday, 17 February 2013

Wycoller Country Park Revisited

Cold weather we have had plenty of just lately but today the sun shone, the sky was blue and the temperature reached a giddy 9 degrees Celsius!  Perfect for a day in the country.  Perfect for a picnic too.


We visited Wycoller for the first time in January of last year.  More photos of this quaint, picturesque village can be found in  that post.


The boys ran around, explored ..


.. and climbed over the ruins of Wycoller Hall.


I played Hide and Seek with them in and around the ruins.  I didn’t do any climbing though!


Although come to think of it, maybe I did.  Victoria did too.  We followed the wrong advice as to how to reach the Atom Panopticon, a pod  like structure, way up high above the village.  We hiked, zigzagged, panted, practically crawled up the steepest hill for miles around (maybe a bit of an exaggeration but it was steep!) with mud two feet deep along the way to  boot.  Heaven knows what was in that mud too.  There was plenty of sheep droppings for starters!


We made it though.  Looking back it was fun, really.  I think.   The boys got to the top with no fuss and Gary got there by way of the correct easy peasy footpath. 



It was worth the climb.  Atop that hill the wide open vistas were simply beautiful.  I love our English countryside to bits.


Going down was a piece of cake.  I love the way the boys are running in the picture above with their arms flung wide.


Billy didn’t fancy the climb.  He waited with our little old dog, Muffin, halfway up the hill.


There was still a little snow here and there.


Enough for a snowball fight.


I’ve said it before, we don’t half live in a hilly place.  I like it that way too.


Alongside the road through the village runs a river.  Nicholas ran through it.  He got soaked.  Was he bothered?  Not one little bit.

It was all good fun.



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Victoria said...

I love my hair in these pictures. I think I'm going to grow it down to my bottom...

I like the 'running' picture of the boys TOO. xxx