Friday, 29 April 2011

A Cream Tea Day

Not far from the campsite where we stay is Sidmouth Garden Centre.


It's set in glorious countryside, has a very nice restaurant which leads out onto a balcony with this view.  I absolutely love this view, that patchwork of fields just pleases me beyond measure!


So not surprisingly we made time to visit, sit out on that balcony, take in that view and enjoy a cream tea at the same time.


This is how I like my scones, with jam and clotted cream... deeeelish!


This little Buddha took my fancy but at £49 I left him there! 


It being a garden centre William and I enjoyed looking round at all the plants etc.  It being my kind of garden centre there's a shop that sells all kinds of pretty stuff.  A lot of Royal Wedding memorabilia stuff too.  William had had enough though and took Muffin back to the car while I browsed my way through the shop.


I think I must have been in there a long time.  Billy had nearly fallen asleep when I got back to the car!


Back at the ranch there was still enough day left to sit outside and enjoy the sunshine.  I read my book and Billy fixed a problem with the gas pipe. 

Changing the subject now.  The Royal Wedding and that dress.  I thought the whole thing was wonderful and the dress was perfect, just beautiful!  And Westminster Abbey, isn't that a spectacular building?  I think it's been a happy day today and just what we need in these days of trouble and strife for so many.  The news reports are saying a million people turned out in London to celebrate and not one spot of bother.  Now that's what I call a good day for Britain and I hope the royal couple have a long and happy life together.



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Kathy said...

Hello Kathleen,
So glad you came by that I might repay the visit. This looks like a marvelous spot - so much to take in.
I thoroughly enjoyed the wedding - I got up early for Diana's wedding to Charles - so very happy for William - they seem to truly adore each other - that dress was fantastic - she carried it off beautifully,
Hope you have a marvelous weekend,