Monday, 18 April 2011


I got back from my trip to Cornwall on Friday night but am only now, three days later, getting round to putting this blog post together.  It's been a full weekend one way or another and come evening once I sat down in front of the computer I've just been unable to keep my eyes open.  Which is ridiculous when I've just come back from a relaxing break!

Anyway back to Cornwall.  Sylvia and I set off on Tuesday lunchtime and long before darkness fell we were sitting by Padstow Harbour (that's Padstow Harbour in the header photo above) eating delicious fish and chips from Chip Ahoy.  I think that's such a clever name for a seaside chippy.


After eating the fish and chips we walked over the coastal path to the little bay you see above.  Syl's two dogs had a great time swimming in that freezing cold water!


The working end of Padstow Harbour.  The water was so calm and glassy looking.  Every one of those houses, up there on the right hand side, must have a spectacular view across the estuary.  Lucky them.


Thursday we visited Fowey, pronounced Foy, which is a bustling little place set on a steep hillside overlooking the River Fowey which flows, pretty as a picture, into the sea.  To say Fowey is quaint is an understatement.  Cars are allowed to drive through the main streets and there's barely enough room.  In places you have to stand against the wall and breathe in to let them pass.


We strolled around enjoying the fresh air and beauty surrounding us...


...taking in views like these.

When I said the hillside was steep I meant steep.  We parked the car at the top of the town and walked down steep little lanes and steep steps down to the town centre.  All the way along there were people resting and huffing and puffing on their way back up the hill.  I should have taken pictures but thought I'd do it on the way back.  However we were clever and discovered there was a little Town Bus which runs weary folks back up the hill to the houses along the way and car parks on the top.


The Town Bus was a little 12 seater mini bus.  Sylvia and I were last in the queue.  I counted and there was 13 of us in the queue.  No problem.  The driver said one of us could sit on a little stool tucked in near the door.  Sylvia volunteered and settled precariously on the stool.  Even then somebody else got on and stood in the footwell  in front of the door all the way up the hill.  The driver seemed to be in a hurry and we zoomed up those hills - bumping over roundabouts and just skimming the walls barely an inch away from his wing mirrors on either side!  That was one scary bus ride.  It was fun though and better than walking it.


And finally a picture of Molly taking it easy on Sylvia's new cream rug!  Don't really think she should've been on it.  By the way don't you think the wood burning stove looks good?  Sylvia black-leaded it just before we left on Friday and it looked lovely.

It was a lovely unhurried kind of break with lots of fresh air, dog walking, browsing through shops and strolling around in beautiful places plus the weather wasn't too bad either.  Aaand lucky old me is back off to the southwest of England again on Thursday morning, this time with my other half.  We're going down to our corner of paradise in Devon for the Easter break and I'm really looking forward to it.




Victoria said...

We'll be there tomorrow!!!!! Love my Aunty Sylvia and her beautiful cottage in Cornwall.

Anita Johnson said...

Yes, everything does look so quaint...especially tucked into the hills like that. Our weather is horrible cold, so predicted again for tonight. I just had to look up what the average high is supposed to be this year...55! I feel like we are getting ripped off! (-:

Debbie said...

I'm so glad I'm your blog buddy. Think of the places that I get to see because I visit here. I'm too chicken to fly so this is the only whay I'll see it.

sarah said...

what a great town...would love to stroll through it. Beautiful.

jennyfreckles said...

I must go back to Cornwall, but I lost my heart to North Devon so I don't usually get any further than that!