Wednesday, 5 January 2011

Who doesn't like a bargain?

Not many of us, I'll be bound.  I know I love a bargain. 


With that in mind I paid a visit at the weekend to the Oxfam charity shop in Hebden Bridge and bought Christmas cards for next year.  I expected them to be something like half price but they were marked down by 70%.  Now, that's a bargain!


And in another charity shop in Todmorden I found this book for £1.  Ms Niffenegger (you couldn't make up a name like that could you?) wrote The Time Traveller's Wife and I loved that book.  So, if it's anywhere near as good as that was I'm in for a treat.  My daughter, Caroline, took it home with her and read it, overnight I might add!  I just cannot read that fast, I don't know how she does it.  She enjoyed it, which is good.


Talking about reading, here's Charlie and granddad  enjoying a book together on New Year's Eve afternoon.  This little fellow is definitely a little bookworm.

Changing the subject William and I watched the Meryl Streep DVD,  "Julie & Julia",  a couple of nights ago.  It was pure entertainment and I thoroughly enjoyed it.  William quite liked it too.   Just thought I'd throw that in.



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Caroline said...

I thought Julie and Julia was very good too.
I've nominated you for a bloggie! In the 'best kept secret' ssection!!