Thursday, 6 January 2011

It's cold outside..

.. and damp and grey but I'd still rather go out somewhere than stay holed up inside, wouldn't you?

Caroline, Charlie and I drove over to Towneley Park this affy. 


We made for the garden centre for lunch and a look around.  Somebody at that place seriously misjudged how much Christmas stock they should carry.  There was absolutely tons of stuff left.  All half price too.  It obviously still wasn't cheap enough though judging from what was still left on the shelves.  We enjoyed mooching through it all.  Caroline wasn't tempted to part with any pennies and I bought just three big baubles at 10p each. Very pretty ones they are too.


Caroline, in the cafe, humouring me with a mum's-got-the-camera-out-again smile.  I have to say she's a chip off the old block though and her camera was sitting beside her on the chair, ready for action.


After lunch we took Charlie over to the play area. 

Towneley Park is a pleasure to go to in any weather and today was no exception.  The wardens were out in force sprucing the place up  You can see how the sand had just been renewed and raked over in the picture above.  Even though it was cold and damp we had a really nice, quiet and peaceful, pleasant time. 

Simple Pleasures are Life's Treasures.



Ms.Daisy said...

Is there anything more fun than browsing through a shop after Christmas and seeing all those good things to snap up for next year? I'm waiting though until our prices go down to 75% off. :)


Susan said...

Hi Kathleen. Thanks for stopping by my blog and commenting. Sounds like you are having fun. Susan

Jen said...

I love this! So much fun with your family. Love the pictures, too!

Anonymous said...

Indeed they are!

Oh I just so enjoy watching your little girl on the see-saw?

What fun to have with your friends:)

Be blessed,

Maria -a housewife:)