Thursday, 20 January 2011

The Salt Cellar...

... is a Christian Church restaurant in the centre of Oldham and is where Caroline, my lovely daughter, took me for lunch today.


The restaurant is housed in the former County Court building on the left at the top end of this little cobbled side street in the town centre.  Although Oldham isn't a million miles away from my home it's a place I rarely ever go.  So I was pleasantly surprised by the quaintness of Church Lane.  I think in a bygone time this must have been a prestigious address at which to reside.

We had a lovely lunch, the food is good, followed by a look around the King of Kings Bookshop.  Charlie enjoyed that bit.  No photographs of inside the restaurant.  I wanted to take some but it was lunchtime and very busy so didn't.

At the top end of the street is Oldham Parish Church.  I tried three doors to get inside for a peak around but they were all locked.  I'll have to go back sometime soon though and try again.  I've looked at pictures on Google and it's beautiful inside.


In front of the church stands the War Memorial. 


It is a work of art and does the fallen soldiers and town proud.

That blue sky in the picture above is misleading.  Today was very cold, frosty, foggy for the most part and will probably be the same tomorrow.  Never mind though with all that's going on weather-wise in the world today I'm not complaining!



Karen said...

The place is filled with rich heritage. I would love to see the inside too! Just wondered what the menu was for the day?

Dayle said...

Fascinating place.

Ms.Daisy said...

Thanks for the tour - I'd like to have been there with you! I've only been to London once a long, long time ago and it was such a short visit we hardly did anything but the touristy stuff. I love the tribute to the fighting men -it's inspiring. Thanks for stopping by and commenting on my spinning adventure too!