Sunday, 30 January 2011

Singing Ringing Tree.

Well, William and I didn't go to Clitheroe today after all, we decided to save that little excursion for better weather.  Instead we took a half hour or so drive toward Burnley and up onto the moorland at Crown Point to take a look at this incredible creation.


This musical sculpture was designed to be a landmark for East Lancashire in the 21st century.  "Constructed from pipes of galvanised steel stacked in layers, this Panopticon takes the form of a tree bending to the winds and harnesses the energy of those winds to produce a low, tuneful song".  I pinched this little bit of info from website. 

Let me tell you it was cold up there today.  You can see from the photo how high up on the moors we were.  The temperature was just 1.0 celsius.  The wind was whipping fiercely around our ears, it was freezing!  We took in the amazing views and then headed back to the car.

There are picnic tables and benches dotted around and in summer I'm sure this is a great place to come and visit.  Even today, cold as it was, there was a steady stream of visitors. Actually I'm looking forward to going back again when the skies are clear and maybe even the sun is shining.


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