Sunday, 16 January 2011

Royal Yacht Britannia and a Bit of This and That.

Nothing out of the ordinary has been happening around here this week.  It would've been nice to go somewhere for a walk today except the weather has done nothing but rain. 


I did go round for a visit with Caroline and Charlie this afternoon.  Charlie was a little treasure and sat still for maybe three whole minutes while Caroline and I took pictures of him.  He thought it was fun today for some reason.

Back at home with Billy in charge of cooking our evening meal I played on the computer.  Taking a look back over old photos I came across these pictures of The Royal Yacht Britannia.

William, Caroline, Trev and I went to Edinburgh for a long weekend in October of 2007 and that's where Britannia has lived since 1997.  Britannia is a beautiful vessel and it was fun to visit.  It wasn't quite as posh as I thought it would be or as big for that matter. Still very impressive though and I'm glad we did the tour.  Here are the pictures.



Billy and I standing under the ship's bell.  It's dated 1953 so I presume that's when it came into service.


The honeymoon suite.  This is the only double bed on board.  Charles had it brought on board for him and Diana.


Where the crew slept.  Not quite as luxurious as the Royal quarters, eh?


The huge formal dining room and comfy looking sitting room.


And finally the toffee shop.  Sailors and Royals alike it would seem enjoy a bit of something sweet now and then. 

The tour of the ship included a lot more than you see here and was definitely the highlight of our weekend in Edinburgh and I believe I would do it again too.

For anybody interested here's the link to the official Britannia website.


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Debbie said...

I just discovered this post. I loved the tour. Since I'm afraid to fly, where but in BLOGLAND could I tour the royal yacht Britannia!