Saturday, 17 April 2010

Purple Shamrock…

…is one of my favourite plants and yesterday on a trip to the garden centre with Caroline I bought one.  I already had one but it was on it’s last legs and this new one is just so full of leaves and flowers and healthy looking that I couldn’t resist it. DSC_3152 One of the things I like about Purple Shamrocks is that they “go to sleep” at night.  DSC_3041The leaves fold back and …. well, go to sleep!  Isn’t that cute? DSC_3171 I also bought this little chalk board.  I’ve been wanting one for ages.  They are perfect for writing greetings on and as today is Nicholas’s birthday he’s the first to have his name on it.  I’ll change the greeting with the season or occasion.  You wouldn’t believe how much this little thing is pleasing me.  Crazy, eh?

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John said...

I told you before that you were easily pleased!!xxx