Wednesday, 21 April 2010

Out and about

I was up and out quite early (for me that is) this morning.  I had a couple of errands to run before I needed to be back at noon in time to collect Charlie who was keeping me company this afternoon.  I was outside Costco even before they were open.  It was a successful trip and I got what I needed.  It was then back to my little home town where I popped in a couple of shops and amazingly still had time to spare. I’m usually on the last minute with everything I do so it was nice to be ahead of myself for once!

I wandered up Shore and looked around me. 

Another one of those houses I could live in.  This little cottage is tucked away and just looks so cosy to me. 

Looking back down the cobbled lane now. This white cottage  dates back to 1622. In the distance is Hollingworth Lake, beyond that is the M62 flyover cutting through the Pennines.  The motorway climbs steadily from that point and is actually the highest motorway in the UK.

This afternoon Victoria and Nicholas came to play.

Fortunately all the hullabaloo about the volcanic ash cloud hasn’t made any difference to our weather.  It’s been a beautiful, bright, spring day today with clear blue skies and sunshine.  Let’s hope there’s more of it to come.


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John said...

We really take it for granted where we live - it is ever so picturesque or is that just the skill of the 'camera-person'?!!