Sunday, 11 April 2010

Park benches etc.

On Friday afternoon I went to the local park with my girls, their boys and Gary. It’s a lovely park and fortunately it was a lovely day.  As in most parks and public places there are benches.    DSC_2947 More and more we are seeing memorial plaques on them. I love to read the inscriptions, like the one below.DSC_2946 Do you think this means “Our Ann’s” ashes were scattered hereabouts?  If so, I think that’s really nice.  Her favourite place and last resting place all in one!

George stayed overnight on Friday (more Uno) and I promised to go and watch him rock-climbing at the indoor centre where he is learning the sport.  So I tagged along yesterday when Victoria went to pick him up.  I was amazed when I walked in and saw how high he climbs.  He’s only six! DSC_2959

Later on in the afternoon Caroline rang and asked if I would like to meet her up at the King Bill.  That’s a local  pub in a lovely setting up on the hill behind our house.  Muffin and I set off on foot to meet her.DSC_2972 DSC_2975It’s a lovely walk up through the fields and I was looking forward  to sitting outside the pub, with Caroline and Charlie, and a nice cold drink when I  got there.DSC_2976 Unfortunately when I got there this was the sight that greeted me. 

The pub was shut! 

Caroline arrived minutes later and she was as disappointed as I was.  However, we went back to her house and had a drink there instead.  It’s been a lovely weekend and I’m hoping for a good summer filled with many more (a bit sunnier maybe) just like it.


Caroline said...

It was very upsetting wasn't it? I only wanted a Diet Coke! xx

John said...

Well done George. He's braver than me!! xxx