Monday, 19 April 2010

Nicholas’ birthday and a picnic in the park.

We’ve had a busy weekend at our household.  Nicholas was 3 years old on Saturday.
His birthday treat was a trip over to Head Over Heels, an indoor play area, the other side of Manchester.  He, George and Charlie had a great time, those places must be sheer heaven for little boys.  Fortunately they have a very nice cafe where adults can while away the time until the kids are worn out.
Then it was back to Victoria’s house for Nicky Noo’s tea-party.  In the main picture above he went all bashful when we sang Happy Birthday to him.
Later in the afternoon George went to play at Grandad Ray’s house, William and Trev went off for a game of golf and Gary went to watch Rochdale FC play an important match.  Things went well for The Dale, they won and are now in line for promotion.  I don’t follow football but it’s nice to see the local team doing good.
We girls then finished the afternoon off up at Caroline’s house, sitting in the garden chatting and enjoying the good weather while the little boys played.  So everybody was happy.

Sunday we all took a picnic to Towneley Park.  We love that place.
DSC_3180 DSC_3198 copyIt wasn’t exactly red hot but we weren’t the only people braving the weather and having a picnic.  DSC_3211 There happened to be this bouncey slide down near the play area.  George and Nicholas loved it.  That is until the management gave Nicholas his marching orders!  He kept coming down head first and was warned a couple of times that if he did it again he’d be out.  He didn’t listen, so they chucked him off.  It was for his own safety but he didn’t see it like that, poor thing!

So, that was our weekend, hope yours was good too.



Caroline said...

I managed to take a nice photo of you and Dad didn't I? Poor Nicholas noodles doesn't look impressed with the whole birthday thing does he? xx

vickigooda said...

You forgot to mention were George went! x