Wednesday, 28 April 2010

Guess Who This Is.

Billy aged 3yrs 9 months
Isn’t he a little sweetie?  I bet his Mum and Dad were so proud of this little lamb.  He’s three and three-quarter years old here.  I  know that’s exactly right, his mother had written it on the back of the photo.
Then I’m guessing this is a year later, his first school photo.  Still looks like butter wouldn’t melt.  OK, I’ll tell you.  It’s William of course!
photo (2) copy (3)
Then we have me at approximately the same age.  It looks like I have curly hair doesn’t it?  I didn’t.  I suffered having my straight hair twirled round strips of rags on Saturday nights to give me those ringlets.

William and I grew up in the same town and went to schools within striking distance of each other.  I walked passed his school on the way to my school every day and we never met or noticed each other, well we wouldn’t at that age would we?  I’m three and a half years younger than William. Funnily enough though, many years later when we did meet at my cousin’s wedding and started seeing each other, I sent a photo to my sister, Maureen, and she remembered seeing him on our way to school.  Mind you sometimes I think my sister has a photographic memory, she remembers all kinds of things I don’t.

Changing the subject completely, we’re off to Devon again this weekend, this time for the full week.  Unfortunately the weather forecast isn’t too good.  It doesn’t matter though we’ll still have a good time!



Caroline said...

I don't think I knew that about Aunty Mo recognising Dad. I wonder if thigs would have been different if you had met younger than you already did? Am glad Grandma Alice wrote his age on the back. xx

vickigooda said...

The photos of Dad could actually be George... He also looks like butter wouldn't melt, along with Naughty Nicholas Noodles. xxx

John said...

Isn't he sweet (and still is of course) and George is certainly a 'mini me'. You look quite angelic yourself. xx

Caroline said...

I've just looked at the second pic of Dad and I can see Charlie in him! Charlie is sat doing the exact same mouth expression as Dad is. I only said the other day that Charlie has dad's build. xx