Wednesday, 7 May 2014

Hilton Head Island, South Carolina.

Another instalment today of our three week’s holiday in the southern USA.  This time it’s Hilton Head Island, South Carolina which was our next stop after Charleston.  I could more than happily spend a fortnight’s holiday in this beautiful spot.  We had sunshine all the way on this part of our road trip and we enjoyed every minute of it.  Apart that is from not having any sun tan lotion with us, nor a cap for William to cover his head with.  Unfortunately he did suffer a touch of sunburn.  On the plus side though, he ended up with a fantastic tan!.  We did try to buy some lotion but believe it or not we couldn’t find any in the shops that we went in on Hilton Head.


So, we followed this tree lined footpath to the beach.


One of those splash/fountain areas just for fun on the approach to the beach.


I like how the town planners left the tree in the middle of the walkway to the beach and planned around it.


There are showers just off the walkway and the prettiest changing huts I’ve ever seen.


I really, really like Adirondack chairs. 


How nice would it be on a red hot day to take some time out from the beach, grab a good book, sit here and enjoy the shade?


Hilton Head has a beautiful, unspoilt beach stretching for miles.


On which you can ride bikes.  Never seen that before but I think I’d give it a try if I was holidaying here for any length of time.


Carefree we strolled along the beach.  Maureen chatted on the phone to her son, Damian; Jerry looked for shells and all the while William was getting his head more and more sunburned!


We presumed these were holiday apartments.  In the perfect location I’d say and not a single high rise hotel in sight.


And before we got back to the car, one or two more pics…


.. for the album.

From the beach we drove further round the island to Harbour Town where the lighthouse is.  I’ll be back tomorrow with those pictures.


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Tammy@T's Daily Treasures said...

Fantastic! I've never been to SC. It's beautiful. I can see that sunburn happening. Ha! Glad you had a wonderful trip. Best wishes, Tammy