Thursday, 15 May 2014

Helping Grandad

Nicholas stayed over with us on Friday night.


On Saturday morning after pancakes (what else?) for breakfast Nicholas got the surprise of his life. 


Grandad was doing a job in the garage which involved the sander and asked Nicholas would he like to help him.


Nicholas actually got to use the sander!  Now that’s a first.  Grandad isn’t usually so free with his electrical tools, he’s very cautious by nature.  Nicholas was over the moon!

Speaking of which…


The night sky was breathtakingly beautiful last night!  My picture in no way shows just how spectacular the sight was but it gives a bit of an idea.  I usually have a peep at the night sky before I turn in and I’m sooo glad I looked out of the window last night.  Like I said it was breathtaking!

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Anita Johnson said...

We had rain all night last night...we had a long winter, now a crazy spring...we had to turn our heat back on after the one warm day! I hope we have a very long summer! I love the moon too! Nice shot!

Debbie said...

Ah, the sander. That just happens to be my favorite power tool. It's true. I'm a well known sandaholic.
I love that he got to help his grandfather.

But now THIS:

After wayyyy to long of a hiatus, I was visiting and reading blogs and discovered your recent posts about your US trip.

You were right down the road from me, both in Hilton Head and in Savannah. I'm so glad you enjoyed them! (And I could have warned you about the hotel thing. It is crazy trying to get rooms unless you get them ahead of time during this time of year. Lots of conventions going on being the usual reason.)