Thursday, 22 May 2014

Beautiful Weekend at Bay View

Well, did we or did we not have glorious weather last weekend here in good old England?


I’ll say we did and lucky old us got to spend it at Bay View.  George was with us.  Caroline and Charlie should’ve been too but unfortunately poor Charlie caught himself a bug on Thursday which put paid to their weekend away.  I’m happy to report that he was better by Sunday and back at school on Monday.


We got up to Bay View on Friday evening and it wasn’t long before we were down by the salt marshes and George was burning up some energy.


Jumping from stone to stone.


Mother Nature treated us to a beautiful sunset.


After which George was treated to a game of pool with grandad in the Bay View Bar.


Saturday morning dawned bright and sunny and breakfast was taken al fresco.  I love when it’s that time of year and that phrase “al fresco” comes into play once again.


A stroll down the front after breakfast ended up at Bay View Garden Centre. 


A beautiful warm day called for a beautiful cold ice cream.  I really wish the empty cone had a vanilla ice cream in it.  I love Neapolitan ice cream colours and I have decided, only last night actually, that I want to crochet a blanket in mainly those colours. 


We  decided to walk back to Bay View via the Lancaster Canal.


A walk along a canal towpath on a summer’s day is such a pleasant thing to do.  I’d brought along my binoculars and they came in useful a time or two.  Above George is taking a closer look at resting Mallards and Moorhens on the opposite banking.


We saw quite a few little feathered families along the way.  


It was impossible not to stop and watch them.  So very cute!


At various points along the canal you can see into the gardens of nearby houses.  Glancing into one garden this couple, catching a few rays, caught my eye.   Hands up all those of a certain age who remember Bill and Ben.  I do for certain.  I loved them, along with Woodentops and Andy Pandy.  They were 1950s children’s television programmes for those of you who’ve never heard of them.  All in black and white and yet all so colourful too!  The thought of them is making me feel quite nostalgic.


So coming back to the present our walk along the canal continued and still in brilliant sunshine!


A great day to be messing about on the water.


Round the next bend was where we left the canal and wound our way back to Bay View.

Back at Bay View George found a friend to play with and with the unaccustomed freedom to come and go as he pleased he had a great time. 

The good weather continued all through Sunday too.  William and I spent a lot of time sitting in the sun outside the van reading and watching the comings and goings on the site.   Well, William found the odd job or two to do and when he’d run out of his own jobs to do he helped another couple with their awning.   He doesn’t sit still for too long, ever!

And so the weekend passed.  What a good one it had been though!BlogSignature

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Victoria said...

Some very lovely photos of my first born and his Grandad. George had a really good time and can't wait to go again. Thanks for taking him. xx