Saturday, 10 May 2014

Caroline’s Birthday

Well, five days after the event here are the photos from last Monday when my girls, their boys, me and our men all went to Towneley Park for a picnic.


There was a special reason for this.  It was Caroline’s birthday last Sunday but unfortunately she was working.  However she and Trev were both off on the Monday which was a Bank Holiday which meant the boys were off school too, and by way of a little celebration she suggested a family picnic in the park.   I’m thinking this is a sweet pic I took of her and Trev.


I pointed the camera at George and Charlie while they were eating.  Charlie immediately ducked his head.  I boxed clever though and waited for him to look up again and caught this cheeky little face!  Little monkey!


Of course, a game of football was part of the fun.


There was lots of stuff going on in the park.   There was a fun fair too with rides.  The boys had a better day than they expected because of that.  I don’t care for fairgrounds so I enjoyed watching a dog agility show while everybody else enjoyed the funfair.


I had to include this picture.  William had joined in kicking the ball around for a bit.  Only a bit though.  Football’s no good for somebody with a bad back is it William?  Trev played too but for some reason I didn’t manage to catch him in action.


Here’s George, my first born’s first born, looking very smart in a rather nice Tommy Hilfiger polo shirt I brought back from our USA trip.   I found it on sale for just a few dollars in the Tanger Outlet Mall, Branson, Missouri.  I love me a bargain! 


Wasn’t he a good boy , standing still while I took a photo!  Wish I could remember what I’d said or indeed what he’d said to make him laugh.  Bless!


It isn’t that often that we are all together on an outing so I thought I’d try for a family portrait.  I quite like this one.


This one might’ve been alright too if the birthday girl hadn’t purposely hidden her dad’s face and Charlie hadn’t been pulling his tongue out.  He also may, or may not, be making the sign for loser!  Kids!!  :-)


William, the dog whisperer.


And another one of the birthday girl striking a pose with her man.  Bless her little cotton socks!



Caroline said...

Can I just say when I stood in front of dad I didn't mean for you to actually take the photo! X x

Anita Johnson said...

Very fun! And glad to see you were in the photo too!

Victoria said...

Mother does Anita Johnson think you are me or that I am you? x