Monday, 29 July 2013

Hebden Bridge is a Quirky Little Town

Saturday just gone grocery shopping was on the agenda.   William elected to come along and suggested we go to Hebden Bridge for lunch prior to the shopping.


My favourite cafe in Hebden Bridge is Innovations and that’s where we enjoyed a lunch of tapas.  After which, in yet more brilliant sunshine, a stroll around the town was the right thing to do.


There was lots of quirky stuff going on.  The stone balancer. Stone balancing is a form of meditation for this Ecuadorian artist.  We’ve seen him before in the middle of the river doing his thing even when it’s been freezing cold weather.  And no, there isn’t any fixative of any description involved, those stones are literally balancing on each other.


Pavement artist.  Not quite drawing on the pavement itself but very close to it.


And this couple hugging in the street?  They didn’t know each other but…


… some people just can’t pass up on a freebie!



Anita Johnson said...

Wonderful photos. I love where we live now (Wisconsin), but sometimes I miss the big city where I grew up! (Chicago)

Dianne @ Sweet Journey Home said...

I loved this post and the photos! Would love to lunch at an ivy-covered establishment! And the guy with the free hugs? I had to laugh! ;-)