Tuesday, 16 July 2013

Coniston and Ambleside

William and I spent the first week of this month up at Bay View in our holiday home on wheels.


The weather started off fairly miserable but not desperately so.  On the first Sunday we drove north up to Coniston in The Lakes.  Billy was intrigued by the gate he was leaning against in the photo above.  There was a foot gap where surely there should have been none!


Walking around the village we came across picturesque scenes like this.  See how low the clouds were over the hills in the background?  There wouldn’t have been much of a view from up there that day.


Not much of a view from these cottages either but desirable nevertheless.  Probably a view with a high price tag too if they ever find their way into an estate agent’s window.


I can’t walk past an old church, especially one with an age old graveyard.  I just have to wander through and take a look at the inscriptions.


The day after we drove north again.  This time to Ambleside where we hiked up through damp, verdant countryside.


A couple of breaks along the way.


    The scenery although shrouded in mist was still something to behold with joy.

DSC_9708_edited-1.jpgb .

Our ultimate destination was Stockghyl Force.  We could have reached it within minutes via a more direct route from the town centre.  I didn’t share that little bit of information with William though until we reached the end because I know he would’ve wanted to take the short route.  And that wouldn’t have been nearly as much fun as the hour and a half long walk that we took instead to find it!  Now, would it?



Debbie said...

Gorgeous views!! I am just like you about having to explore an old cemetery and church. I love to try to figure out the people's stories in my head.

I wonder if you're getting excited about the royal expectation? I'm a hopeless romantic so I'm looking forward to it.

Gen said...

Absolutely beautiful pictures! Love to visit your blog!